About Me

Hello! I’m Philip Bridgeman – Naturopath and Mould specialist.
I practice what I teach and have been very healthy for most of my life. Then I become sick for no apparent reason. Why? How could this happen to a person who knew how to keep healthy?
Answer; Mould Sickness (CIRS) Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.“I have been there” and survived! I have come from not being able to work due to being too ill to now consulting and helping patients all over the world. I am fully committed and motivated to helping others with CIRS.
Because I have personally lived the experience, I offer a treatment plan to you that is working for other patients and myself, and I will support you all the way.
Being Christian, I also offer spiritual support and teachings if you want them. Through faith and scriptures, I found the strength to overcome obstacles that, without them, I probably would have given up. My approach to health is truly wholistic.
Many people are being misdiagnosed, mistreated, ignored, and given little support not only for CIRS but for various illnesses. I know I was. I utilize 30 years of clinical experience with modern health tests to find answers for you.
Example; Gene testing, Mould/Biotoxins, Complete Microbiome, Saliva Hormone, MTHFR, ALCAT Allergy, Neurotransmitters, Stress, Gut/Stool, Weight gene and other differential diagnoses.
If you would like to book an in-person or virtual appointment, you can do so using my email.
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